Smith, Joseph

Birth Name Smith, Joseph
Gender male


Joseph Smith was with his parents in the early New London settlement founded by Robert Clark, but left with his parents for a property in Lot 49. The marriage of Joseph Smith and Catherine Anderson was not in St. Paul's Church of England marriage records, which cover 1780-1819. Nor were they in the Cash License Book, which covered marriage licenses from 1787-1805. The will of Joseph Smith Sr. listed his children; the spouses of the daughters were included, but that wasn't always necessary for the spouses of the sons so he could have been married at the time of his father's death. The first baptismal record to say Joseph Smith and Catherine Anderson, his wife was in 1791.

There was an Anderson, Alexander, in the New London settlement, but if he was related to Catherine, we don't know.

The household of Joseph Smith in Lot 49 in the 1798 census of PEI had 5 people under 16: 2 males and 3 females, and one male and one female between 16-60. St. Paul's Church in Charlottetown have records for the following children being born to Joseph Smith and his wife Catherine, or Catherine Anderson, and one son to John and Catherine Smith:

John Alexander SMITH b: 8 Jun 1789 in Charlottetown had parents John and Catherine Smith, also baptized at St. Paul's. Mistake, or a different family? There were no other families named Smith having children baptized at St. Paul's at this time.

Sarah SMITH b: 22 Jan 1791 parents were Joseph & Catherine Smith. Sarah was baptized two days after she was born, which could mean the family was living in Charlottetown at this time.

Robert Clark SMITH b: 29 Sep 1793, parents were Joseph Smith & Catherine Anderson, his wife.

Ann SMITH b: 31Oct 1798 in Prince Edward Island. Ann wasn't baptized until July 1799, which could mean the family was in Lot 49 when she was born.

John SMITH b: 7 Apr 1801, baptized 19 Apr 1801 in Charlottetown - name was just John on the record, parents were Joseph Smith & Catherine Anderson

Catherine SMITH b: 22 Mar 1804 - bap. record for Catherine gives father's name as Joseph and mother as Catherine Anderson

Charles SMITH b: 19 Mar 1809

All of their children must have been married, died or left the Island by 1841. Joseph Smith in Lot 49 was a farmer over age 60 in the 1841 census. One person was born in England, and another was born in another British colony.

The Joseph Smith who died in Lot 49 in 1843 was 43, according to the St. Paul's church record, and had a wife named Martha, so not likely this Joseph...unless the age was incorrect and he married again.

Name Mary Smith
Age 82
Date of Death 14 February 1811
Date of Burial 17 February 1811
Source pre-1906 Death Index. Charlotte Parish, St. Paul's records
Notes Relict of Joseph Smith, Senior They had a daughter Prudence, married to William Wood; son Joseph

From the Life of Ann Smith Bailey, Written in 1956-57 by her great-granddaughters, Elizabeth P. Astle and Mary P. Stucki: "Our maternal great-grandmother, Ann Smith Bailey, was born 30 October, 1798, at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the daughter of Joseph Smith (died 1843)and Catherine Andrews Smith (died 1832). She died 19 December, 1870, age seventy years.

According to this account, Ann was the only daughter, but she had at least two sisters.




Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism August 11, 1761 Marston On Dove, Derbyshire, England    
Death 1843 Lot 49, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada will was proved 8 March 1843  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, Josephabout 1790
Mother Wright, Mary1811
    Sister     Smith, Prudence about 1750
         Smith, Joseph August 11, 1761 1843
    Sister     Smith, Lauretta Sarah


Family of Smith, Joseph and Anderson, Catherine

Married Wife Anderson, Catherine ( * March 7, 1762 + 1852 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1790 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, SarahJanuary 22, 1791July 19, 1868
Smith, Robert ClarkSeptember 29, 1793July 7, 1854
Smith, AnnOctober 31, 17981870
Smith, JohnApril 7, 1801November 10, 1888
Smith, Catherine MatildaMarch 22, 1804
Smith, CharlesMarch 19, 1809