Dyment, Laura Annie 1a

Birth Name Dyment, Laura Annie 1b
Gender female
Age at Death 69 years, 8 months, 4 days


There is a daughter of John and Harriet in the PEI Baptismal Index, Anne Flora, born April 1859; Annie Laura is in the 1881 Canadian census, age 22 (b. 1859), and there was an Annie Laura, one of four unmarried daughters, named in John Dyment's will. Although several lists of John Dyment's children also include a Laura A. Dyment, born after 1870, there is no record for a second daughter Laura in the PEI Baptismal Index. A search for the name Laura, born anytime in the 1870s, turned up nothing likely in Prince County PEI in the National Library's version of the 1881 census.

It is my suspicion that Annie Laura and Laura A. were the same person. One disappears from records, and the other appears. Two other sisters, Margaret and Eleanor, went to the United States around the same time. Margaret, too, shaved a few years off of her age in census records. It is possible that both Laura and Margaret looked much younger than their actual age.

The first record of Laura A. Dyment, daughter of John Dyment and Harriet Cotton, was in Massachusetts Marriages when she married Joel Fales from Nova Scotia. If she is Annie Laura Dyment, then she would have been 12 years older than her husband. She gave her date of birth as 1872. They were living in Ipswitch, and both were working in a mill. It was the first marriage for both.

In the US 1900 Census, Laura A. Fales was living in Ipswitch, Massachusetts with her husband Joel. They had one daughter Mabel, age 2. Laura A. gave her date of birth as April 1866 on this form. Annie Laura had been married for 5 years. She had had one child, and Laura had emigrated in 1894. Joel was working in a mill.

In the 1910 census Laura A., gave her age as 40, born 1870. They had two children, both living. Although there is a registration in Massachusetts for a Joseph Fales in 1901, this was very likely an error - there was no birth record for their second daughter. Perhaps the clerk got two families mixed up.

Laura Fales died before the 1930 census, when her husband gave his status as widower. She was in Massachusetts city directories up until 1929, and there was a Massachusetts death recorded for a Laura A. (Dumont) Fales in Salem Mass. in 1929, which is most likely her.





Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth April 28, 1859 Canada Road, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada name transcribed as "Ann Flora" in PEI Baptismal Indexnamed in father's will as Annie Laura 1c
Death 1929 Salem, Massachusetts husband is a widower in 1930 census living with daughter Mabel, ag  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyment, Johnabout 1822May 26, 1886
Mother Cotton, HarrietDecember 8, 1828before 1928
    Brother     Dyment, Samuel July 22, 1852 March 1, 1923
    Sister     Dyment, Mary Jane November 9, 1855 September 21, 1919
    Brother     Dyment, William Thomas about 1857 before 1957
         Dyment, Laura Annie April 28, 1859 1929
    Brother     Dyment, John Clark September 13, 1861 November 19, 1935
    Sister     Dyment, Margaret Alice March 27, 1864 January 28, 1937
    Sister     Dyment, Eleanor Gorrill February 3, 1867 September 16, 1933
    Sister     Dyment, Harriet Maud July 1, 1867 April 25, 1940
    Brother     Dyment, Watson Edward August 3, 1869 December 14, 1942


Family of Fales, Joel Robert and Dyment, Laura Annie

Married Husband Fales, Joel Robert ( * about 1873 + before 1973 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage December 16, 1896      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Fales, Mabel LApril 29, 1898August 1984
Fales, Maude GertudeJanuary 7, 1901August 6, 1988

Source References

  1. 1881 Census of Canada
      • Date: 1881
      • Page: Prince County, Lot 13, top of page 51
      • Source text:

        Birth date: 1859 Birth place: Prince Edward Island Residence date: 1881 Residence place: Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada

      • Source text:

        Birth date: 1859 Birth place: Prince Edward Island Residence date: 1881 Residence place: Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada