Barlow, Eliza Jane Janie

Birth Name Barlow, Eliza Jane Janie
Gender female
Age at Death about 92 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1881 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death 1973 Prince Edward Island, Canada find a grave  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Barlow, George18441932
Mother Taylor, Hannah E.18481935
    Sister     Barlow, Ida Elizabeth June 7, 1870 1923
    Brother     Barlow, Robert Tweedie February 22, 1872
    Sister     Barlow, Emma Grace October 7, 1875 1960
    Brother     Barlow, George Jr May 25, 1878 1948
         Barlow, Eliza Jane Janie about 1881 1973
    Sister     Barlow, Lucy Isabella September 3, 1885
    Sister     Barlow, Flora Evaline June 23, 1888
    Brother     Barlow, James E. 1893 1906


Family of McAusland, Frederick Arthur C. and Barlow, Eliza Jane Janie

Married Husband McAusland, Frederick Arthur C. ( * January 30, 1877 + June 8, 1961 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McAusland, Ray
McAusland, Gladys Mabel19001993
McAusland, Claude WillardApril 6, 19031982
McAusland, Clarence Preston19122004
McAusland, Stetson Leslieabout 1920October 1940