McLean, Hugh 1a 2a

Birth Name McLean, Hugh
Gender male
Age at Death 76 years, 4 months, 24 days


Son of Laughlin and Catherine (maiden name unknown).

The history of Hamilton, Pathways to the Present, says that the children of Hugh and Margaret were Laughlin, Nancy, Flora, Donald, Hugh, Mary, Rachel, Margaret, Sarah and Harriet.

The History of Port Hill, Launched, also included Rachel, as well as a son Malcolm. There were only a few baptismal records for Hugh and Peggy found in the PEI Baptismal Index, and like other Presbyterian records of this time they were brief.

Land release and conveyance from Seymour to Hugh McLean, of Lot 16, for 100 acres in Lot 13, dated 4 May 1822. The land was near Richmond Bay and the bounded on one side by the property of Michael Ramsay. Hugh Mckendrick was a witness to the transaction. PEI Land Conveyance Records Lib 29 Folio 41

At Lot 13, 25 May, Hugh McLean at 76, native of the Isle of Mull. Examiner 16 June 1859, The Islander – Jun 3, 1859

At Lot 13, Port Hill, Prince County, on the 25th of May, after a trying illness of three months, endured with much patient resignation to his Heavenly Master’s Will, and in the blessed hope of a glorious immortality, Mr. Hugh McLean, a native of the Isle of Mull, Scotland, aged 76 years. The deceased, together with his parents and their family, emigrated to this Island in the year 1809. He will long be remembered by his neighbors and friends for his quiet and unostentatious demeanor, while his afflicted wife and family may “weep not as without hope for those who sleep in Jesus,””as our hope is this our brother doth.”

Will of Hugh McLean, Port Hill, only names wife Margaret.

From the Island Register
There were Hugh , Hector and John .
Hugh lived in 13 (Lot 13) near Montgomery's and near William Brown.
Hector lived in 16 (Lot 16) near the Ferry.
John lived in Brae. He first lived in the Cove. (Lot 16)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1783 Scotland    
Death May 25, 1859 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada Master Name Index, age 76; Birch Hill Presbyterian Lot 14  
Emigration 1809 Scotland Isle Mull, Scotland  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLean, Laughlin Lauchlan Lachlinabout 1748March 29, 1842
Mother McLean, Catherine17521834
    Brother     McLean, Alexander about 1777 December 13, 1870
    Sister     McLean, Flora about 1778 1869
         McLean, Hugh 1783 May 25, 1859
    Sister     McLean, Nancy Ann about 1783 February 15, 1878
    Brother     McLean, Hector about 1792 June 7, 1883
    Brother     McLean, John Alexander Sr. 1795 February 16, 1885
    Sister     McLean, Harriet Euphemia about 1798 about 1863


Family of McLean, Hugh and McKendrick, Margaret Peggy

Married Wife McKendrick, Margaret Peggy ( * about 1803 + August 19, 1877 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McLean, Nancy Ann1823June 4, 1900
McLean, Lauchlin Lauchlineabout 1824June 2, 1854
McLean, Katherineabout 1825April 24, 1873
McLean, DonaldNovember 20, 1827June 26, 1893
McLean, FloraOctober 10, 1829March 18, 1922
McLean, Hughabout 1831January 27, 1859
McLean, MaryDecember 1834January 2, 1910
McLean, SarahAugust 1, 1836March 18, 1923
McLean, Rachel1837March 10, 1861
McLean, MargaretDecember 10, 1838October 31, 1920
McLean, Harriet JaneJanuary 11, 1843July 21, 1903
McLean, MalcolmMarch 17, 1848October 5, 1930

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