Leavitt, John Allison

Birth Name Leavitt, John Allison
Gender male


VERDICT 0F ACCIDENTAL DEATH-After six witnesses had been examined last night the cor- oners jury lmpaneiled to investi- gate the death of Allison Ilovatt returned the following verdict af- ter six minutes deliberation: "We the Jury lmpanellod to inquire into the death of Allison-leavitt find that the deceased came to his death in the early hours of Nov. 14. 1934. by accidentally fall

son of William Leavitt who was featured in an article in the Guardian about a heroic rescue (Guardian Monday November 5, 1962 page 2. and Thursday October 15, 1964 page 10) and Kate Champion. Brother of Herb Leavitt, who established Maple Tree Crafts


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death November 1934 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Family of Leavitt, John Allison and Kennedy, Christine Kristine Jean

Married Wife Kennedy, Christine Kristine Jean ( * June 1909 + May 16, 1941 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1929 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


    1. Leavitt, John Allison
      1. Kennedy, Christine Kristine Jean