Ball Balls, Margaret

Birth Name Ball Balls, Margaret
Gender female


One daughter could be Margaret Pearson, nee Ball, widow of James, in Jersey City, born March 1849. One son David, who was born at Fifteen Point 21 Nov 1880. A daughter, Margaret May, was also baptized on the same day - could be the child who died before 1900.

James Pearson of Summerside married Margaret Balls in 1876 in New Brunswick. Allan McDougall was a witness.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ball Balls, William18241895
Mother Robinson, Margaret18241896
    Sister     Ball, Rebecca January 1844 May 13, 1922
    Sister     Ball, Eliza 1856 1943
    Brother     Ball, James 1861
    Sister     Ball, Lydia Ann 1864
    Sister     Ball, Mahala Janet 1867 1934
    Sister     Ball Balls, Elizabeth
    Brother     Ball Balls, William
         Ball Balls, Margaret