Campbell, Donald Jr.

Birth Name Campbell, Donald Jr.
Gender male
Age at Death 74 years


Is Donald also the father of Donald (b. 1820) in Lot 16? Only if he was born a few years earlier than it shows on his gravestone.

And did his daughter Flora marry James Ramsay? And maybe Barbara Campbell who married Isaac McDougall belongs in this family?

Could be the Donald Campbell in Lot 16 with a household of 7:
a married couple, 45-60
one male, 21-45 (Archibald)
one female 15-21 (Eliza?)
3 females, 21-45 (Ann?, Mary Jane, Marjorie)

Possible this was him:

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 54 Number 1071

Rank 152
Date June 18 1880
County Westmorland
Place Moncton
Newspaper The Times

d. Lot 16, P.E.I., 9th inst., 75th year, Donald CAMPBELL, Postmaster


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1808   gravestone says 1808-1882  
Death 1882 Lot 16, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada or 9 June 1880?  


Family of Campbell, Donald Jr. and McGregor, Jane Jean

Married Wife McGregor, Jane Jean ( * 1800 + February 12, 1879 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Campbell, Ann Mitchel
Campbell, Flora Townshend
Campbell, ArchibaldSeptember 15, 1832April 6, 1912
Campbell, Mary JaneMay 12, 1834December 21, 1917
Campbell, Thomas Comptonabout 1835August 2, 1867
Campbell, Marjorie MargryJuly 4, 1836October 14, 1917
Campbell, ElizaNovember 8, 18381903