Emery, Christine

Birth Name Emery, Christine
Gender female


Christine M. Emery Stewart died in Holliston, Massachusetts. She was the mother of Edward H Jr of Franklin
John E. of East Boston
Marion Stewart
Iris Wheaton (daughter of Myrtle Susan Stewart?)
Myrtle Trindall of Brockton
Jennie McPherson of Hanover
Claire Smith of Natick
Judith Williams of Jamaica Plain
the late Christine Ross


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death June 26, 1992 Massachusetts, United States at age 84  


Family of Stewart, Edward Hartford and Emery, Christine

Married Husband Stewart, Edward Hartford ( * August 24, 1904 + October 3, 1975 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1932 Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States    


    1. Emery, Christine
      1. Stewart, Edward Hartford