Murphy, Isabelle

Birth Name Murphy, Isabelle
Gender female


Name Isabella Simmons
Age 58
Date of Death 12 September 1903
Source pre-1906 Death Index. St. Mark's Anglican Church, Kensington, Book 1
Notes St, Stephen's Churchyard, Irishtown

According to Steve William's family tree, Descendants of Donald Murphy, Isabella was the daughter of PETER MURPHY and SARAH ADAMS, and was a cousin of the two Murphy cousins who married Robert Smith.


Family of Simmonds, Thomas and Murphy, Isabelle

Married Husband Simmonds, Thomas ( * October 17, 1823 + August 19, 1920 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage June 23, 1879 Princetown, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada Princetown Church records  


    1. Murphy, Isabelle
      1. Simmonds, Thomas