McDougall, Sarah

Birth Name McDougall, Sarah
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 4 months, 29 days


John Ballum, a widower with 7 children, married Sarah McDougald at the residence of Alex McDougald, father of the bride, Western Road Lot 13, April 26 1866. Witnesses were Alex and William McDougald. The newspaper report said that Sarah was the second daughter of Alexander McDougald. A Ballum-McDougall genealogy said that her father did not approve of the marriage, and gave her only a feather pillow as a gift. However, this wasn't an unusual gift for the time.

Sarah reported having 13 children in the 1900 US census, of whom only 6 were living. Two daughters, Eliza Lucy Rose and Hannah, were in the PEI Baptismal Index. They, along with Harriet (14), Alex (12) Lucy (9) and John (2), were with Sarah in the 1881 census in Lot 13.

The family emigrated in 1886, near to where her sisters Eliza, Susannah and Jane were living. John Ballum died in 1894.

Hannah, John, Hattie, and Florence were living with their widowed mother in the 1900 census in Brockton, Massachusetts. Also in the household was 10 year old Edna Thayer, daughter of her sister Eliza, who had died five years earlier.

From 1910-1930, according to US census records, Hannah and Sarah Ballum were living with Harriet in nearby Holbrook Mass. In 1920, Bernice Ballum, aged 16, was also living with the family.

A Massachusetts Record of Death gave Sarah's date of death as November 30 1934. She died in Holbrook at the age of 88 years, 4 months and 21 days.

Some of the information on this family came from BALLUM: Ballum and MacDougall family genealogy. Christopher and Joanne Read. August 1994




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth July 1847 Lot 12, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada born in Lot 12?  
Death November 30, 1934 Holbrook, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States not in the US 1940 census; death record  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, Alexanderabout 1817June 22, 1867
Mother Ellis, HannahApril 3, 1821May 6, 1898
    Brother     McDougall, William October 31, 1842 April 8, 1906
    Sister     McDougall, Ann September 21, 1844 November 26, 1907
         McDougall, Sarah July 1847 November 30, 1934
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander Haveland May 18, 1848 1934
    Sister     McDougall, Eliza July 30, 1850 March 12, 1895
    Sister     McDougall, Susannah July 21, 1852 July 17, 1909
    Sister     McDougall, Jane Campbell December 1855 November 5, 1916
    Brother     McDougall, John Archibald October 26, 1858 November 22, 1930
    Sister     McDougall, Mary Anne December 21, 1860 July 12, 1904
    Brother     McDougall, James Ellis November 24, 1864 July 26, 1930


Family of Ballum, John and McDougall, Sarah

Married Husband Ballum, John ( * + August 27, 1894 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage April 26, 1866 Prince Edward Island, Canada at the residence of the bride's father, Alexander McDougald  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ballum, Hannah Mary RubelleFebruary 24, 1867February 13, 1940
Ballum, Alexander McDougallSeptember 1868April 25, 1940
Ballum, Eliza Lucy Rose1872January 28, 1941
Ballum, Thomas Rupert18741875
Ballum, John NicholasMarch 17, 1879July 3, 1966
Ballum, Harriet Victoria HattieMay 1881July 4, 1952
Ballum, Florence MayJanuary 1884April 15, 1959