McLaurin, Mary

Birth Name McLaurin, Mary
Gender female


Mary, named after her mother, married Robert Simmons
of Belmont who drowned while fishing. She then married
Ned Birch and farmed on the property which was inherited
by her son Budd Birch in Belmont.
Lot 16 United Church & its People


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLaurin, Peter18221886
Mother Milligan, MaryAugust 4, 1826February 1907
    Brother     McLaurin, William
    Brother     McLaurin, Robert
    Brother     McLaurin, Arthur 1867
    Brother     McLaurin, James 1855 1916
         McLaurin, Mary
    Brother     McLaurin, Archibald
    Brother     McLaurin, John
    Brother     McLaurin, Henry
    Sister     McLaurin, Isabelle


Family of Birch, Edward A. and McLaurin, Mary

Married Husband Birch, Edward A. ( * 1878 + before 1911 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage March 3, 1898 Prince Edward Island, Canada    

Family of Simmons, Robert and McLaurin, Mary

Married Husband Simmons, Robert ( * 1861 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Simmons, Arthur
Simmons, Henry Harry Havelock1884
Simmons, Frank1886
Simmons, Pearle1887


Type Value Notes Sources
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