This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Thompson. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Thompson, Annie 1844
Thompson, Annie March 1868
Thompson, Araminta  
Thompson, Bessie  
Thompson, David  
Thompson, Donald Archibald  
Thompson, Doreen May 1927
Thompson, Elizabeth  
Thompson, Elizabeth about 1840
Thompson, Elizabeth October 1865
Thompson, Elsie  
Thompson, Eva Marion  
Thompson, George April 23, 1881
Thompson, George 1889
Thompson, Georgie Estella 1880
Thompson, Gertrude May  
Thompson, Gladys E. 1926
Thompson, Henry Lewis  
Thompson, Hiram Daniel April 13, 1879
Thompson, Jairus E. 1866
Thompson, James Adams 1880
Thompson, Jane  
Thompson, John Alexander June 4, 1874
Thompson, John Rheddy  
Thompson, John Wendall  
Thompson, Lorne Raymond 1922
Thompson, Mabel 1923
Thompson, Margaret October 1, 1869
Thompson, Margaret Elizabeth  
Thompson, Mary  
Thompson, Mildred Ruth 1935
Thompson, Myra Alleen  
Thompson, Nancy  
Thompson, Norman Aubrey  
Thompson, Paul Jr August 23, 1847
Thompson, Paul Bayfield November 27, 1883
Thompson, Philip Daniel  
Thompson, Robert  
Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth Sadie 1882
Thompson, Stanley Henry  
Thompson, Thomas Allan August 18, 1877
Thompson, Virgil Glen  
Thompson, Wendell Bayfield 1920
Thompson, Willard  
Thompson, William Andrew 1885
Thompson, William Herman September 29, 1889