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Name Birth
McIntyre, Agnes  
McIntyre, Angus Leo 1889
McIntyre, Ann Isabel  
McIntyre, Ann Josepha November 8, 1866
McIntyre, Beatrice Alberta 1879
McIntyre, Bernard 1877
McIntyre, Daniel  
McIntyre, Donald L. M. February 19, 1876
McIntyre, Duncan  
McIntyre, Duncan August 12, 1844
McIntyre, Everett March 18, 1893
McIntyre, Frank Fuller Ramsay May 3, 1881
McIntyre, Harriet Isabel 1871
McIntyre, Henry Jones Cundall May 3, 1883
McIntyre, James  
McIntyre, James May 1, 1874
McIntyre, John  
McIntyre, John Joseph 1875
McIntyre, Laura September 7, 1881
McIntyre, Louis  
McIntyre, Marcelle  
McIntyre, Margaret Helen February 17, 1879
McIntyre, Mary  
McIntyre, Mary E. 1869
McIntyre, Philip James August 30, 1882
McIntyre, William James Aeneas November 4, 1872