Ellis, Robert 1

Birth Name Ellis, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death 81 years, 8 months, 10 days


The Islander – Apr 4, 1862 Married. At St. Eleanor’s, on the 24th ult., by Archdeacon Read, D.D., Mr. Robert Ellis, of Springfield, Lot 7, to Miss Harriet Rayner, of Township 19.

Children in the PEI Baptismal Index for Robert and Harriet were: Robert Heber (1866); Sarah Jane (1868); Eliza Harriet (1870); Hugh (1872). At least two daughters died young died young, or diphtheria - Lorono and Eliza. Summerside Journal 1 April 1880, page 3, col. 2, from PEI Ancestry.

In the 1881 census, Robert and Harriet were in Lot 6 with Robert H (14), Hugh (9), Lucinda (7) and Drucie (2). Sarah is also assumed to have died before 1881, because of this census record and the number of daughters who survived Harriet. Harriet died in 1884, leaving two daughters and three sons. Robert married again, to Annie Waite.

Examiner May 1885 On May 7th by the Rev. D. H. Lodge, at the residence of the groom, Robert Ellis, Esq , merchant at O'Leary, to Miss Annie Waite, of Lot 7.

In 1891, Robert (56) and Annie (52) were living with Hugh A. (17), Drucie (12) Garfield 8, Lorena 5, George 3 and Harry, 2. Robert and Annie were living with Lorena, George, Harry, Jessie, Robert and Nelly in 1901.

Robert's gravestone says 1912, but a transcription of his obituary was dated 1914. The marriage notice for his daughter Jessie's marriage in 1913 said daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Ellis of O'Leary, not the late Mr. Robert Ellis.

Robert wrote his will in Oct 1913.
Real estate to son Robert
$500 to son Garfield, to daughter Drucie Arbuckle of Portland Oregon
His organ to daughter Nellie; Robert is to provide her with a home until she is 21
$250 each to grandsons Ralph Ellis and John Robert Ellis
Wife Ann to have a comfortable home
George W. Ellis was an executor

Information taken from Past and Present of PEI, biography of Robert Ellis and other sources. From Threads of the Past, the history of O'Leary:

James' son, B. Robert Ellis, Sr., was born at Bideford, Prince Edward Island. In 1876 he moved to O'Leary and in 1903 became postmaster and magistrate. He purchased four hundred acres of land which constituted the southern half of the village of O'Leary. His first wife was Harriet Raynor of O'Leary and his second was Annie Waite, also of O'Leary. From these two unions, eleven children were born. B. Robert gave four of his sons one hundred acres of land each to start them off.

B. Robert Ellis had by his first wife Harriet Raynor, a son (from the dates, his mother was probably Annie), Garfield. He was born in O'Leary and graduated from the Canadian College of Pharmacy. He set up a drugstore in his cousin's (L. Robert) store. Later he moved to Montague and formed the Ellis Pharmacy Limited which he ran for ten years and set up a branch drugstore in O'Leary. He married Pansy MacFarlane and later moved to Washington , U.S.A., where he established a drug business. His older brother, Allison (aged 20), had drugstores in Montague, Charlottetown, and then Lashburn, Saskatchewan.










Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth May 14, 1832 New Bideford, Lot 12, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI baptismal Index  
Death January 24, 1914 O'Leary, Lot 6, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada obit says Jan 23 1914; gravestone says 1912 at age 84; another sources says January 24, 1913  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ellis, Jamesabout 1801February 27, 1884
Mother Ramsay, Janeabout 1808about 1838
    Sister     Ellis, Agnes June 18, 1826 February 1, 1909
    Sister     Ellis, Mary Ann March 9, 1828 before 1831
    Brother     Ellis, John January 26, 1830 April 4, 1902
    Sister     Ellis, Mary Ann April 7, 1831 before 1902
         Ellis, Robert May 14, 1832 January 24, 1914
    Sister     Ellis, Margaret April 19, 1834 April 13, 1885
    Sister     Ellis, Jane October 23, 1836 April 5, 1902


Family of Ellis, Robert and Rayner Raynor, Harriet Elizabeth

Married Wife Rayner Raynor, Harriet Elizabeth ( * October 3, 1844 + February 19, 1884 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage March 25, 1862 St. Eleanors, Lot 17, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada witnesses Catherine Burrows and Stephen McNeill  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ellis, Robert HeberJune 4, 1866November 19, 1934
Ellis, Sarah JaneJune 5, 1868June 1870
Ellis, Harriet ElizaMay 12, 1870April 1880
Ellis, Hugh AllisonApril 22, 1872August 1965
Ellis, Lucinda May18741964
Ellis, Agnes Lorena1877April 1880
Ellis, Drucie Mary1879September 24, 1932
Ellis, James Abram Garfield GarDecember 4, 1882June 22, 1934

Family of Ellis, Robert and Waite, Anne Maria

Married Wife Waite, Anne Maria ( * October 19, 1859 + February 6, 1917 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage May 8, 1885 O' Leary Station, Lot 6, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada George Waite was a witness  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ellis, Lorina May Irene or ReneApril 9, 18861965
Ellis, George WashingtonJuly 4, 1887October 29, 1979
Ellis, Harry WilliamsMay 4, 18891975
Ellis, JessieNovember 24, 1891August 16, 1958
Ellis, Robert B.December 20, 18931972
Ellis, Ellen NellieFebruary 9, 18961966