Steele, Grace

Birth Name Steele, Grace
Gender female
Age at Death 68 years, 7 months, 13 days


In 1891 census, Grace was working as a camp cook. Her status was widowed?

Grace's maiden name was on her son Robert's marriage record, and her husband Robert's death record.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth May 19, 1858 New Brunswick, Canada    
Death 1927 Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States alive in the 1921 census, went to son Edward in Lowell in 1926  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Steele, John
Mother Gray, Grace
         Steele, Grace May 19, 1858 1927


Family of McArthur, Robert and Steele, Grace

Married Husband McArthur, Robert ( * June 6, 1856 + 1939 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Sarah1877before 1891
McArthur, Drucilla PriscillaFebruary 22, 18801960
McArthur, Robert1881before 1895
McArthur, Edward ColinFebruary 22, 18811944
McArthur, Annie Violetabout 18841973
McArthur, Matilda Tilly Rogersabout 18861970
McArthur, EllenMay 6, 1889before 1891
McArthur, Laura Lauretta HelenFebruary 3, 18911956
McArthur, Robert MilfordMarch 14, 18951953