McDonald, Helen Isabelle

Birth Name McDonald, Helen Isabelle
Gender female
Age at Death 44 years, 3 months, 9 days


Helen and Benjamin were in Lot 8 in the 1921 census, with Stanley, Charles, Atwood and Alice. Benjamin was a fisherman.

According to Helen's obituary, in the Summerside Journal 1934, she died at home in Greenhill on Friday, June 22. She was survived by her husband, three daughters (Alice, Jessie and Edith) and five sons (Stanley, Charles, Atwood, Edsyle and Boyd), her brothers Stanley and John MacDonald of West Point; and her three sisters: Mrs. Samuel Smith, West Point; Mrs. Charles MacWilliams, Errol, N.H., and Mrs. Gerald Currie in Western Canada.

from the Dunville website:
WIFE: Helen Isabelle MacDonald (1890-1934), married: (1)
father: William MacDonald (b 29 August 1846)
mother: Maria MacDonald née Dyment (b 27 March 1853)
born: 13 March 1890 or 20 November 1890
died: 23 June 1934
William John Leigh Dumville (b 7 January 1913 in Prince Edward Island, died 7 June 1913)
Benjamin Stanley Dumville (b 22 March 1914 in Prince Edward Island, married Elizabeth (Bessie) Isabelle Boulter)
Charles Burrough Dumville (b 21 March 1916 in Prince Edward Island, married Jean Millicent Hart)
Alice Ann Dumville (b 7 May 1918 in Prince Edward Island, married James Ray Kennedy)
Henry Atwood Dunville (b 13 April 1921 in Prince Edward Island, married Evelyn Ann Banister)
Jessie Isabelle Dumville (b 20 May 1923 in Prince Edward Island, married George Raymond Noonan)
Edsel Ford Dumville (b 23 October 1925 in Prince Edward Island, married Mary Thelma MacNevin)
Eva Kutura Dumville (b 27 December 1927 in Prince Edward Island, married Brenton Spencer MacDonald)
Ernest Earl Boyd Dumville (b 27 October 1930 in Prince Edward Island, married Georgina (Georgie) Henderson)

In the 1928 Cummings Atlas of PEI, the children were Stanley, Charlie, Alice, Atwood, and Jessie.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 13, 1890 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death June 22, 1934 Greenhill, Lot 8, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDonald, William AndersonAugust 29, 1846November 11, 1934
Mother Dyment, Maria EllenMarch 7, 1853March 3, 1905
    Sister     McDonald, Mary Elizabeth February 27, 1874 June 29, 1947
    Sister     McDonald, Effa January 31, 1876 June 4, 1932
    Brother     McDonald, Walter January 1, 1878 1885
    Brother     McDonald, John November 19, 1880 December 2, 1974
    Sister     McDonald, Bertha Burrows July 26, 1884 December 20, 1986
    Brother     McDonald, Stanley William January 10, 1887 February 6, 1967
         McDonald, Helen Isabelle March 13, 1890 June 22, 1934
    Sister     McDonald, Annie August 12, 1892 1975


Family of Dumville, Benjamin Beer and McDonald, Helen Isabelle

Married Husband Dumville, Benjamin Beer ( * + 1952 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 1911 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dumville, Albert Samuel1912October 24, 2001
Dumville, William John Leigh19131913
Dumville, Charles Burroughs CharlieMarch 21, 19161968
Dumville Dunville, Alice AnnieJune 7, 1918February 2, 1999
Dumville, Jessie Irene19231947
Dumville, Eva Keturah19271961
Dumville, Ernest Errol Boyd1930May 13, 1997