Baker, Janet S.

Birth Name Baker, Janet S.
Birth Name Baker, Janet S.
Gender female


Groom's Name John Ramsay
Groom's Residence Summerside
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Janet S. Baker
Bride's Residence Bedeque
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1875

An undocumented source says that Jennett was daughter of John Montague Baker and Sarah Glover. John M. Baker, in the 1861 census, had a daughter in the right age category to be Janet.

Child's Full Name Janet Baker
Baptismal Date 1874
Church Name North Bedeque United Church
Church Location North Bedeque
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 34
Entry Number 0
Notes "adult"


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death August 3, 1877 Colorado, United States    


Family of Ramsay, John and Baker, Janet S.

Married Husband Ramsay, John ( * February 28, 1848 + June 19, 1942 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1875 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ramsay, Jeanette1876


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I22819


    1. Baker, Janet S.
      1. Ramsay, John
        1. Ramsay, Jeanette