Rogers, Matilda

Birth Name Rogers, Matilda
Gender female
Age at Death 78 years, 9 months, 22 days


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"Anthony Rogers
b. 14 April 1768, d. after 1845
Anthony Rogers was born on 14 April 1768 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.1 He was the son of Anthony Rogers and Zilpah Holcombe. Anthony Rogers was baptized on 23 July 1769.1 He married Lydia Ledden on 13 November 1797.2 Anthony Rogers died after 1845.2

Anthony held many parish offices during his lifetime, including those of pound keeper, hogreeve, clerk of the market, and surveyor of lumber, which show that he was both a farmer and lumberman. He was also a hunter, as Arthur Nicholson stated in 1790, and his name was often found among those of Indian hunters in the area. He would seem to have lived in closer contact with the local Indians than almost any other settler. He spoke the Micmac language and was the only non-Indian to be engaged as a Micmac interpreter by the Court of Quarter Sessions. He also acted as interpreter at a meeting held in 1832 between Richard McLaughlan and the members of the Indian band at Red Bank. 2

Nancy Rogers is included in the following list for circumstantial reasons alone. Edward and Robert are identified as sons in land documents. There are Anglican baptism records for Anthony, Elizabeth, and Matilda. There were undoubtedly other children, possibly including Mary Rogers. 2
Children of Anthony Rogers and Lydia Ledden

Nancy Rogers2 b. c 1800, d. a 1845
Edward Rogers2 b. c 1805, d. a 1860
Robert Rogers+2 b. c 1809, d. a 1881
Anthony Rogers+2 b. 10 Jul 1814, d. 1 Mar 1888
Elizabeth Rogers2 b. 22 Sep 1818, d. a 1857
Matilda Rogers2 b. 10 Mar 1823, d. 1902


[S602] Charles A. Rogers Jr., "Anthony Rogers," e-mail to James Hallowell Holcombe Jr., 4 July 2006 and following.
[S603] W. D. Hamilton, Old North Esk."






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 10, 1823 New Brunswick, Canada age 48, in 1871 NB census  
Death 1902 New Brunswick, Canada Old North Esk  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rogers, Anthony
Mother Ledden, Lydia
    Brother     Rogers, Robert 1809 1880
         Rogers, Matilda March 10, 1823 1902


Family of McArthur, John and Rogers, Matilda

Married Husband McArthur, John ( * about 1806 + September 22, 1899 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage July 19, 1839 New Brunswick, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Margaret JaneAugust 14, 1840January 11, 1933
McArthur, Lydia Ann18421894
McArthur, Alexander - NB1845January 10, 1919
McArthur, William1847
McArthur, Elizabethabout 1848before 1851
McArthur, Mary JaneDecember 25, 1850
McArthur, RobertJune 6, 18561939
McArthur, Elizabeth1859before 1871
McArthur, William NeilDecember 17, 18631941