Brown, James Emmanuel

Birth Name Brown, James Emmanuel
Gender male
Age at Death about 77 years, 2 months, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1846 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island age 45 in the 1891 census
Death March 24, 1923 Lot 14, Prince, Prince Edward Island obits


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brown, William
Mother McArthur, Harriet
    Sister     Brown, Ann Maria
    Sister     Brown, Helena
    Brother     Brown, Arigen
    Brother     Brown, Hugh A.
    Brother     Brown, William Cornell
    Sister     Brown, Margaret Elizabeth
    Sister     Brown, Henrietta
    Sister     Brown, Veronica
         Brown, James Emmanuel
    Sister     Brown, Ellen Virginia
    Brother     Brown, Bernard Donald


    Family of Brown, James Emmanuel and McDonald, Margaret Ellen
Married Wife McDonald, Margaret Ellen
  1. Brown, Peter Raymond Joseph


The late Mr. Brown was 78 years of age. Survived by his widow, five sons, William and Justin Brown, contractors in Pittsburg, Pa., Dr. John B. Brown, [Boston?], Alphonsus and Raymond at home, and three daughters, Mrs. J. D. McLellan, Grand River, Mrs. Linus McDonald, Grand River, and Sister Marie Raymond (Hattie) in the Congregation de Notre Dame, Montreal.

Mr. Brown was born at Port Hill in 1845 where he spent his early life until about 1878 when he purchased at Bayside a farm.

In 1880, he married Margaret McDonald, daughter of the late Capt. Hugh McDonald, of Goose River. Children: Mrs. Joseph D. McLellan and Mrs. Linus MacDonald of Grand River and Rev. Sister Marie Raymond of the Cong. of N.D., Montreal; the latter are: J Alphonsus and Raymond J. of the homestead, Dr. J. B. well known in P.E. Island now practicing in Boston, William F. and H. Justin (Brown Bros.) contractors and builders of Pittsburg, Pa.

Summerside Journal 28 March 1923, page 5, col. 1

Agriculturist 7 April 1923, page 8, col. 3

No mention of brothers or sisters in his obituary.


  1. Brown, William
    1. McArthur, Harriet
      1. Brown, Helena
      2. Brown, Ann Maria
      3. Brown, Arigen
      4. Brown, Hugh A.
      5. Brown, William Cornell
      6. Brown, Margaret Elizabeth
      7. Brown, Henrietta
      8. Brown, Veronica
      9. Brown, Ellen Virginia
      10. Brown, James Emmanuel
        1. McDonald, Margaret Ellen
          1. Brown, Peter Raymond Joseph
      11. Brown, Bernard Donald