Unknown, Marion

Birth Name Unknown, Marion
Gender female


Marion was living in 1819, when she was named in Peter's will, but was not in Duncan's household in the 1861 census.

Some family trees say she was the "More McKay" who also travelled to Prince Edward Island on the Edinburgh in 1771. More/Mor is a Gaelic name that is often translated as the English Marion. (see, for instance, Emigrants on the Edinburgh, 1771, in the Island magazine)

Other sources say that the root of the name was Avora, written in Scotland as Marion, Morag, or Sarah, Sadie, or Sally in English records.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death before 1861 Prince Edward Island, Canada no elderly female in son Duncan's household in the 1861 census  


Family of McDougall McDougald MacDougall, Peter and Unknown, Marion

Married Husband McDougall McDougald MacDougall, Peter ( * after 1738 + 1819 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1775 Prince Edward Island, Canada assumption  
Name Birth Date Death Date
McDougall, Mary
McDougall, John - Lot 161776after 1853
McDougall, Elizabethabout 1779before 1849
McDougall, Ann1780May 29, 1865
McDougall, Alexanderbefore 1781September 14, 1863
McDougall, DuncanMarch 1798July 19, 1866