McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14

Birth Name McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14
Gender male
Age at Death less than about 86 years


Information on Aexander and his family came in part from other family trees. This part of the McArthur family is a work in progress. It is recommended that you do your own research!

No baptismal records have been found for the children of Hugh McArthur, and the name of his wife (wives?) remains unverified. Local histories and undocumented family trees agree that Hugh's sons were Alexander, Hugh, William John, James, Malcolm, Neil, and Gilbert. The first Hugh McArthur was said to have arrived on the Island in 1770 from Scotland with at least one son, Alexander.

Alexander's marriage to Catherine McKay wasn't in the License Cash Book covering marriage licenses granted 1787-1805, but he was married by 1798.

Alexander is probably the Alex McCarter in Lot 14 in the 1798 census. Alex's household consisted of 3 boys under 16, one male between 16-60, 1 girl under 16 and one woman between 16-60 - or 4 children born between 1782 and 1798. These could be Dougald, Hugh, Mary and James.

An undocumented family tree said that the children were:
Dougald, b. 1790
Neil, b. 1792
Robert, b. 1797
Flora, b. 1799
Alexander b. 1800
Hugh, b. 1801

There were land transactions under the name Alexander McArthur. In 1805, Alexander signed an indenture for land in Lot 14 on the Ellis River (Ellis or Grand River on maps), also bordered by McArthur Creek, with the landlord Cambridge. (PEI Land Conveyance Records, vol 13 page 248) This 125 acre property can be seen on earlier maps of Lot 14. Alexander signed his name, indicating that he was literate. There is another land record dated 1845, where Alexander McArthur of Lot 14 transferred all of his property and stock in Lot 14 - 125 acres - to his son Neil. Neil was to provide a home to his father in return. (PEI Land Conveyance Records, vol 54 page 100). This was the Neil who was married to Margaret.

Catherine died in 1807. Her gravestone said she was survived by 9 children, so some could be are missing from this list. Gravestone in Oyster Point - "Sacred to the memory of Catherine McArthur, wife of Alexander McArthur, who departed this life 27th of December 1807, age 37 years. Leaving a husband and 9 children."

Alexander married Nancy McLaughlin after Catherine's death.

There was a will for an Alexander McArthur, Lot 14, signed on 9 July 1839 but proved in 1870 - it seemed to be attached to the will of a younger Alexander McArthur, also of Lot 14. Named in this will, in this order, were Dugald (b. 1790), Hugh (b. about 1791), James, Alexander, Archibald (b. 1803), Robert, Mary, Jane, Flora, Elizabeth, and Neil. Most of the children received one shilling, and Neil (Neile) inherited the farm. George and Thomas Lee were executors. PEI Probate Records, Wills not recorded," A-M, McA (misc. dates between 1786?-1930?), on




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1765 Scotland    
Death before 1851 Prince Edward Island, Canada Alexander died between 1845-1851  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Hughabout 1740before 1841
Mother Unknown
         McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14 about 1765 before 1851
    Brother     McArthur, Malcolm - Lot 12 about 1772 before 1861
    Brother     McArthur, Hugh - Lot 16 about 1774 before 1861
    Brother     McArthur, Neil - Lot 13 about 1776 before 1846
    Brother     McArthur, Gilbert - Lot 13 about 1788 before 1861
    Brother     McArthur, William John
    Brother     McArthur, Dugald


Family of McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14 and McKay, Catherine

Married Wife McKay, Catherine ( * about 1770 + December 27, 1807 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1788 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Dougald Dugald - Lot 141790July 11, 1862
McArthur, Hugh - Lot 14about 1791November 16, 1854
McArthur, Jamesabout 1792
McArthur, Maryabout 17951874
McArthur, Alexander - Lot 13about 1799April 6, 1889
McArthur, Archibald - Lot 14 Sr.about 1803April 13, 1885
McArthur, Robert - Lot 14about 1805before 1881
McArthur, Jane Jennetabout 1806before 1881

Family of McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14 and McLaughlin, Nancy

Married Wife McLaughlin, Nancy ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1807 Prince Edward Island, Canada THIS IS A GUESS  
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Katherine Catherineabout 1810
McArthur, Flora - Lot 14about 1816May 6, 1885
McArthur, Neil1819December 4, 1898
McArthur, Eliza Elizabeth Betsey1822May 23, 1896
McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14about 1823March 29, 1889